Hand-painted ceramic plates can be made in several models: Paolo and Antonio model – oval with and without narrow curl handles (sizes cm 65×37 and 80×45), Luca model with raised curled handles (sizes cm 60×43 and 75×53), Gioele model – oval with scalloped edge (sizes cm 57×43 and 70×53), Giovanni model – round with raised curled handles (diameter cm 45, 50 and 60), Luca model square with raised curled handles (cm 50×50 and 60×60), Michele – square without handles (sizes 50×50 and 60×60), rectangular Luca model with raised curled handles (sizes 60×45 and 70×50 cm). There are several decorations; on request the plates can also be decorated so that to match the table or other items on this site (for details click here ). For further details please contact us at!

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